The Launch Pad, a division of Teen Leadership Foundation, provides a family based community to support young adults ages 18-24 who are emancipated from foster care, those whom are NMD participating in extended foster and those at-risk of homelessness. At The Launch Pad we are much more than just a safeguard to these young adults, we provide a safe and forever family as we work to help them realize their untapped potential and dreams.  We offer a multitude of services and support that takes up where foster care leaves off. At The Launch Pad we create a personalized "take-off strategy " designed to meet the individual life goals of each young adult. Alongside our local partners a multitude of support and activities are available including: budget coaches, tutors, employment and education planning, daily living, exercise and fitness.


Plan your take off today

If you're emerging  out of the foster-care system or at-risk of homelessness, The Launch Pad is a home that provides a caring community . We'd love to meet you.

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We work to build you a FLIGHT CREW

A Flight Crew volunteer walks along side you as you  “chart the course" of your life. Flight Crews (otherwise known as mentors, budget coaches, tutors, etc.) don’t need to have all the answers. Rather, a good Flight Crew will leverage their real-life experiences to guide and come around you for growth and good decision making.