Through The Eyes of Lizzie

I have been living at the Launch Pad for 2 years now. I’m excited, and sad, to say I am now launching to the next phase and moving out! I have learned so much through living here at The Launch Pad.

I cannot name how many things Teen Leadership Foundation has done for me. They have helped me in getting my license, finishing school (and following through to do so!), they have help me set and order my priorities, and they have helped me reach my goals! They have encouraged me and my roommates in respectful of those we live with and how to live in peace with others. It goes a long way to think of relationships to create warmth in a home setting!

My mentor Shana, has been a HUGE help to me in these goals. She simply started off by driving me to my appointments. She then became so much more to me as a mentor. I know she really cares for me by listening and knowing me. Another member of my flight crew, Audrey, is so much more than just my budget coach!! She truly cares about me and has helped so much in advice for my life. There is also Linda, who has helped me with very core issues. She had guided me through getting over my anxieties about driving and even let me drive her cars! Without her, I would have never got my license!

I hadn’t even realized I needed help before. Now that I can recognize it, I have learned what needing help is and there has been such support through living here to know I am cared for and what that is like! It has been a deep and lifelong blessing to be a part of Teen Leadership Foundation and living at The Launch Pad. I would have never said moving through phases of life is exciting. But, I cannot wait to see who I have become grow further and use these skills I have learned. I know  God loves me and  I now carry that with me to my next season of life.